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At Freight Kong, Inc., you are dealing with more than just the average logistics company. Our clients trust us because we are a completely customer-focused transportation management provider. As we have the expertise to get you where you need to be through our vast extended logistics experience, we set ourselves apart from traditional 3PL firms.
We are there to handle all your transportation service needs, including truckloads, intermodal, expedited ground, LTL, or other modes in the supply management chain. Regardless of which service you require, you can rely on our specialized knowledge to deliver cost savings and the highest standards of operational efficiency based on our innovative transportation solutions.
As a 100% STA-certified transport and logistics company, Freight Kong, Inc. maintains an active industry presence through business associations, accreditations, and memberships.
When you need transportation and logistics services, start at the top with Freight Kong, Inc.

Full Truckload (FTL)


Expedited Ground

Less Than Truckload (LTL)



Freight Kong is the specialist when it comes to cost-savings and operational efficiency, providing a full range of innovative transportation solutions. We offer reliable, on-time transport services, operating through a logistical system that can track the load, calculate costs, and determine the most efficient means available to take care of your needs. No matter what kind of transport services you need, Freight Kong has the solution as we are 100% STA-certified to understand the best practices for all forms of transport systems. You can trust Freight Kong to make sure your business transport needs are met using every aspect of our customer-focused extended logistics services. Here are all the transport service specialties offered by the experts at Freight Kong:

01. Transportation management

Freight Kong doesn’t just deliver; we provide a comprehensive approach to transport services. Leave all the details to Freight Kong and we will ensure a cost-effective, efficient, and reliable transport service through our trusted transport management system.

02. Full Truckload (FTL)

For large shipments that require more than a few pallets, you need a full truckload to handle your delivery. You may even have a smaller load that is high-risk or fragile, in which case, a full truckload would be the most effective mode of shipment. Freight Kong has access to one or multiple trucks for your shipping requirements.

03. Intermodal

Sometimes it takes more than one shipping method to get the load to its destination. Using our thorough transport management system, we can provide you with the most effective ways to help you get what you need where you need it as soon as possible.

04. Expedited Ground

When you need it fast, you need expedited shipping and that is one of our transport service specialties. Our expedited shipping option gives you the same tracking control as our other methods but the goal is to get the load there as soon as possible.

05. Less Than Truckload (LTL)

When you have more than a small parcel but less than a full truckload, you can choose Freight Kong’s LTL service. This service makes shipping economical as you do not pay for the space on the truck that you don’t use. So whether your load is 100 pounds or 10,000 pounds, you can keep the shipping costs within your budget.

06. Supply Management Services

With a complete range of logistical services available to you through Freight Kong, keeping your business operations moving effectively is made easy. We keep track of everything from fuel costs to shipping patterns and methods to fine-tuning production and distribution of your goods.



When it comes to transportation management, you shouldn’t leave anything forgotten or to chance. With Freight Kong at your service, you can be sure that your supply chain is handled to perfection, whether you need a truckload, intermodal, expedited ground, or LTL shipments. Discover our efficiency through innovative transportation solutions and see the cost-savings add up for your business as a result. There is no one better than Freight Kong for several reasons.

On Time Delivery

We take your business seriously, so we understand that time affects your bottom line. That’s why Freight Kong ensures your delivery is handled according to your plans. We’ll get it there on time.

Competitive Pricing

There are a variety of transportation management solutions available to you through our professional services. All of them are designed to meet your business needs and are priced to fit your budget.

Customized Services

Choose the services you want for any given situation and we can make it happen. Truckloads, expedited ground, LTL, intermodal, and more, we have the customization you’re looking for.

Warehousing Availability

If temporary storage is required, Freight Kong has the answer. We can provide warehousing for you that is completely secure with access as you need it. We’re more than a transport company.

Preferred Carrier Network

Through our large network of preferred vetted and trusted carriers, we always have a transport solution ready to go. So no matter what you need, our transport management system can help.

Friendly Customer Service

At Freight Kong, we are a customer-focused transport management provider. That means your priorities are our priorities and attention to detail is paramount. Working with a smile sets us apart.

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